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CATEGORY: Vietnam War
G.I.s’ Drug Use in Vietnam Soared—With Their Commanders’ Help
April 18, 2018

Substance abuse in the Vietnam War wasn’t just limited to the marijuana and heroin enlistees could buy on the black market. Military commanders also heavily prescribed pills to help improve soldiers' performance. Read More

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Are Anything But New
April 10, 2018

From poisoned arrows to deadly gases, chemicals have been used as weapons of war since Roman times. Read More

LBJ Announced He Wouldn’t Run Again. Political Chaos Ensued
March 30, 2018

How President Johnson’s exit from the 1968 presidential race rocked politics. Read More

How the Army’s Cover-Up Made the My Lai Massacre Even Worse
March 16, 2018

It took 20 months for the war crime to come to light. Read More

The Revolution That Was 1968
February 23, 2018

As simmering political and cultural resentments exploded in 1968, nearly every week produced news of another earth-shattering event. Read More

How the Tet Offensive Shocked Americans into Questioning if the Vietnam War Could be Won
January 25, 2018

Turns out, America had made one miscalculation after another. Read More

Dan Rather Reflects on His Emotional Visit to Two Military Cemeteries
November 10, 2017

Read More

Agent Orange Wasn’t the Only Deadly Chemical Used In Vietnam
September 14, 2017

The “Rainbow Herbicides” left a lethal legacy. Read More

This 21-Year-Old College Student Designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
September 13, 2017

Maya Lin won a design competition—and sparked a national controversy. Read More

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, 50 Years Ago
August 1, 2014

One real and one phantom firefight embroiled the United States in the Vietnam War. Read More