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CATEGORY: Exploration of North America
Christopher Columbus Never Set Out to Prove the Earth was Round
October 6, 2017

Humans have known the earth is round for thousands of years. Read More

Stranded in the New World: The Amazing Odyssey of Cabeza de Vaca
April 28, 2017

In 1528, a Spanish nobleman named Cabeza de Vaca was left stranded in what is now the southern United States following a disastrous exploring expedition. Read More

Early Spanish Colony Unearthed In Downtown Pensacola
December 18, 2015

A long-running mystery has been solved after artifacts surfaced confirming the location of the oldest multi-year settlement in the United States in Pensacola, Florida. Read More

8 Things You May Not Know About St. Augustine, Florida
September 8, 2015

On the 450th anniversary of its founding, get the facts on the oldest U.S. city. Read More

Ostrich-Egg Globe May Be Oldest to Depict New World
August 21, 2013

A Belgian map collector has found what may be the oldest known globe to depict the New World, dating to the early 1500s and engraved on the shell of an ostrich egg. Read More

The Myth of Ponce de León and the Fountain of Youth
April 2, 2013

On the anniversary of his landing in Florida, find out how Ponce de León’s name became inextricably linked with the Fountain of Youth. Read More

Copy of First Map to Name America Found
July 6, 2012

A previously unknown copy of the map credited with popularizing the name “America” has turned up in a university library in Munich. Read More